Monday, October 19, 2009


One day so shine after we (me, Mommy, Daddy, and brothers) had a kitchen-fight yesterday… We have some lines here… I’m in front line and others seem so happy to be models for the camera… U’ll see, they all have a happy smile… Mean of winning some test to be better human… After we have a big surviving from starvation and angries, now we have a trophy then…

It’s the time to make lines… Saying “I’m sorry” from adults then youngers… Saying “I forgive you” from the mistakes and wrongs you’ve done to me,,, With smiles, with forgiving-hands, we’re back to zero again… Being newborn to others, to God teachs us…

My Grandpa, My Grandma, My Aunties, My Uncles, My Cousins, My Mom, My Dad, and My Brothers, nothing else I should have to say but “I am sorry” and “Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin”… ^__^

NOTES / Location: Sragen-Central Java / Time : September 20, 2009


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